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Different wishes for new year's Day

2020-01-03 15:50 2225


Thumping ~ thumping~

Time tick by tick

2020 is coming

In the past year

We get up early

Greedy black

I'm tired all day

Suffer losses

Excessive use

Don't forget the black pot

No matter what happened in 2019

Good bad happy unhappy

Say goodbye

Don't look back on the past, don't make do with the future

2019 is also a year of rapid development of oushisheng

All departments also fulfill their duties and have clear objectives

There are good and bad things in this year

There are also some breakthroughs in some fields

All happy results are inseparable from the unremitting efforts and efforts of all employees

2019 is the company's harvest year

It's a growing year

Oushisheng (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd

Thank you!


Looking forward to 2020

We will work harder

For new goals, new tasks

And make a difference for myself,

In 2020, we will cherish more

Cherish family and friendship

Embark on a new journey

With the hope in my heart

Welcome 2020

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